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Our business provides traditional and healthy vending services to other businesses, locations and facilities in the Union, NJ area and surrounding regions.

If you are interested in receiving more information or you would like for us to visit your facility, please fill out the form on our contact page or feel free to call us directly at (908) 327-3973.

Union, NJ vending: Two In One Machines!


Our staff handles itself professionally and ethically at all times with your best interests always in mind.

Union, NJ vending: Two In One Machines!

Flexibility & Versatility

We strongly believe in letting our customers have a say into what goes into each one of their vending machines.

Union, NJ vending: Two In One Machines!


We make ourselves available when you need us regardless of how small or large your request or issue is.

...All at no cost to you!!

Service Area

Our business extends its traditional vending services to a variety of different types of locations from gyms and car deals to apartments, factories, hotels and more in the Union, NJ area.

Our business provides an exceptional vending service and customer experience like none other. A part of that is putting you in direct contact with a true professional with over ten years of financial experience as well as a flexible team of associates, all at your disposal.


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We supply a variety of equipment, in order to fit into any location and meet any organization’s requirements.

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Do you live and work in Union County, New Jersey? Are you in need of a little pick-me-up every afternoon? Consider having a snack and some caffeine to boost your energy levels! DePaola Distributions is now providing FREE delivery, installation and service on vending equipment throughout Linden, Cranford, Kenilworth and beyond.

Yes, that’s right! You and your employees can enjoy satisfying snacks and refreshing drinks on the job, and it won’t cost you a cent. The folks at DePaola Distributions take care of all the trouble and guesswork, so you can stop worrying about your next fix, and start focusing on the important stuff.

Time is money! Why should you waste precious company hours traveling to and from restaurants all the way across town? While you keep things up and running, we’ll deliver your equipment, install it and stock it with the most popular items – from chips, trail mix and candy to sodas, juices and teas.

When you work with us, picky employees and patrons have no reason to fear. Our selection of snacks is the widest in the area. We even include cleaning supplies and other breakroom necessities with your order. And, there’s no extra cost!

But the incentives don’t stop there! When you sign up to receive our Union County Vending Services, you’ll also get our 24-hour customer-care guarantee. For business owners, the work never truly stops. So we make ourselves available any time of day to assist with cleaning, merchandising and maintenance. All you have to do is call, and we’ll send some someone to your workplace in a hurry!

Who has time to take inventory and place orders week after week? On top of being available for regular care, we’ll work with you to set up a delivery schedule to keep your machines full of the products you love and your kitchen stocked with everything you need to enjoy them. Just think of us as a one-stop-shop for all your vending needs!

Whether your business is well-established or you’re starting from scratch, you can benefit from our Union County Vending Machine Services! Call your friends at DePaola Distributions to get started today.

Lucky for you, our brand-new vending machines meet all ADA standards and come with guaranteed product delivery. Even better, we accept debit and credit card in addition to cash and coin . Don’t get stuck with the outdated equipment supplied by many Union County Vending Companies. Get the most modern machines on the market from DePaola Distributions!

You may ask yourself, “Why DePaola Distributions?” The best part about working with us is that there’s no contract, no commitment and no hassle! We let our service speak for itself. Our grade-A vending machines are as reliable as they come, and our customer care is as good as it gets. You won’t want to work with anyone else once you’ve experienced the difference we make in your workplace.

It doesn’t matter where you’re located – DePaola Distributions will do whatever it takes to keep you happy! Remember – We make things easy by managing the delivery, installation and service of machines at no extra cost to area business owners.

Our mission is to provide you affordably priced drinks and a snacking experience you’ll never forget! We think you’ll agree that our Union County Vending is top notch. Plus, we’re always available to meet needs that arise suddenly.

You have plenty of options when it comes to Union County Vending Machine Companies, but there’s only one right choice! DePaola Distributions will give your business the boost it needs to accomplish big things. Simply fill out the short form below to get a new vending machine delivered straight to your doorstep.